Help sexing phelsuma grandis

Good Evening everyone,

Looking to get a second opinion as I’ve had her since late last year, but I’m not quite sure if she is a “she”. She has weak femoral pores and the male that is in with her I’m confident is a male due to his pronounced pores. I haven’t seen any infighting, but I’d like a second opinion. Posted are 2 pics, first photo is from December and you can see the weak phemoral pores and the second one I just took tonight. Again, weak phemoral pores but it also looks like shes been rubbing against something? That or possibly from attempted mating? Haven’t witnessed any mating behavior so I’m unsure if this is a sign or not. Any help is appreciated so I thank you for your time.

If she’s an adult I would say that she’s a female. If she’s not an adult it can be hard to tell since the pores might not be as visible yet.