Help: should I incubate or see if mom will re-coil?

Hello everyone, first time BP breeder here… Well me, not my girl Luna.

Luna laid 5 eggs almost a week ago. I am letting her maternal incubate them.

When I checked on her today, I smelled one egg was not good. I gently removed Luna and the clutch, removed the bad egg and set her and her clutch back in her bioactive enclosure. The humidity has stayed at 80% with the temperatures in the upper 80’s (F).

Luna does not seem to be coiling up around her eggs again. It has been 7 hours. The humidity and temperature in the enclosure remain the same. Should I trust she will take care of them? (She was a breeder for 6 years, this is her first maternal incubation). Or should I get/make my own incubator?

This is my very first clutch.
Thank you for any help or suggestions.

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It all depends on egg temp. They’ll come off the eggs if they get over 88-89 to keep them from over heating. If you’re not reaching those temps she probably just quit on you. It happens sometimes.