Help! Snake has subrate in mouth after feeding

So I fed my snake and the mouse i guess had some subrate stuck on him and now its in the snakes mouth. Will they try to spit it out ? What if anything should I do?

What substrate are we talking? Aspen?
How big is the snake Vs the piece of substrate?

More than likely they will spend half a hour pulling a funny face to try and dislodge it but if you think it could cause a issue try and use your feeding tongues to pinch it out. You might get tagged, but it happens.

coco fiber with cypress mulch on top.

much smaller pieces than aspen more like dirt in his mouth. hopefully he can pass it and next time i feed i will put him on a paper towel

he is just a baby from a large clutch. maybe 3 months

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If one of my snakes get a large amount of substrate in it’s mouth, I wipe it out. Snakes don’t like this, but better safe than sorry. If it is just a small amount of substrate, I don’t bother.

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I’ve had coco fiber stuck in my ghost pied baby for awhile. I finally put him in the bath and gently put my clean finger nail in his “lip” area and got it out. This has to be based on your snakes personality.