HELP! Something came out of my leopard geckos vent

I have a leopard gecko who’s a rescue… she has severe MBD and not very many toes from stuck shed (not from me this happened before I got her) and today she had a piece of stuck shed by her vent that I saw and tried to help get it off and she started pulling at it and something came out. I’m not sure what it is any ideas? Or what I should do?


Your gecko appears to be male, and it looks like a hemipenal plug came out alongside the stuck shed skin. If I am correct, there is nothing to worry about. If anything further appears to be wrong, you can always take him to a reptile vet.


We were wondering if she was — he — because of the MBD it’s difficult but good to know ty!

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I agree, it looks like a sperm plug. I’ve never seen or heard of them in leos but they look the same as in ball pythons so I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.


It doesn’t seem to happen as often as in some other species, but I’ve had one male get one during the breeding season. At first I was worried when it happened too, because I hadn’t seen them before in leos, but my little guy (Edward) was back to normal immediately afterwards.