Help! Such banana

I rescued this beautiful banana hatching and I am wondering what to do…… she is also having this loose stool that’s is puss like and yellow the urate was also a pinkish…. Thinking about starting a antibiotic treatment but idk yet any insight would help

i would schedule a vet visit asap!


Looks like he needs to be taken to see a reptile vet ASAP. They will tell you what is wrong and what is needed.


The first time I was asked to get her better this is how I took her back well hydrated finally ate. I’m so distraught I don’t have money for a vet let alone any out her know much about my little reptilian family.


The first time?
Have you taken that royal on before to help and gave it back to its owner?…

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It was kind to try and help. For me personally, I would not try rescue a sick or injured animal if I could not afford to look after it.
Where are you? do you have charity vets where you are?

I wouldn’t just give it random antibiotics without a vet advising its needed, the type and the dosage.

So I took her back because the shop was not doing anything. They let them die and such but I really should not have taken her, just became attached as she was one of our rescues before and she was doing so well my heart got in the way :.(

do you have charity vets where you are?
We have that kind of think in the UK

No here everything costs money and you either have to have credit cards or care credit

Unfortunately no one here can diagnosis the issue, the animal need professional help, that’s all we can tell you from pictures. Rescuing animals is almost always a costly endeavor. I’m sure you had good intentions but this animal is going to need help that is going to cost someone money. The best you can do is find someone who can provide that.


That snake needs vet care. If you can’t afford it you should surrender it to someone/an organization that can.


As I said, their must be charitable organisations, if not animal welfare organisations.

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