Help turtle light

I picked up a tank beside the road and it has a halogen blue light and is 25 watts. What’s this for? It has 2 uvb bulbs in it also but I’m not sure if they’re any good, when I picked the tank up it had some water inside so I guess they recently lost or sold their turtle. What’s the blue halogen light for?
Any way to test a uvb bulb?
I’m going to sanitize everything and find a use for it.

The halogen is most likely for the basking heat. You’ll ideally need heat and UVB for turtles.

For the UVB, sometimes people will write the dates on them before putting them in. Generally a good rule of thumb is if there’s any question on age, replace it. If it’s over a year old and you don’t have a way to test it, replace it.
There should be some cards you can purchase online that you can test UVB with. Like a little card strip that will change color based on what it senses.

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