Help w/ identification

Looking for a little help with the morph/'s Was sold to me as hypo keltic, but I know it’s not any keltic i’ve seen. She’s pretty I love how dark her face is, so I bought her anyways. !


very new to boa morphs.


Looks like a hypo motley. At least what can be seen in the photos. They have varying levels of pattern breakup and coloration when put together.


very beautiful boa!!! definitely a motley plus something Mayne hypomelanitic or blood? if you bought from a reputable breeder u should know but what the seller said?

Thanks all. I bought from a local pet store. Went in for one thing and came out with another. lol.

what they said it was

They said hypo keltic. But I knew it wasn’t that.

what??? keltic :joy: :joy: that must be a pet store

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I agree with @randall_turner_jr about the hypo motley.