HELP w my mossy frog!

Help! I have three mossy frogs and two of them have this weird slimy looking texture on them! One of them is worse than the other and it almost looks like a burn on her back and head. It’s a darker color from the rest of her body but it also looks slimy. My third one is doing perfect. I’ve done water changes 2 times in the past 2 months. I had a uvb light going for 8 hrs of the day but have turned it off since to see if that would help and nothing has changed thus far! Does anyone kno what may be going on? Thank you! #mossyfrogs #all-reptiles #amphibians:tree-frogs

It really would help if you include a few pictures of the sites.


Does anyone know what this may be? My other two mossy frogs do not have it and this one has had it for a bout a month. My littlest one began getting it, but I quarantined the one in the above photo. She’s been QT for a bout a week now and showing no signs of it getting better. Can someone help plz!

My guess is that it’s from a fungus growing on the frog. If that’s the case you should take the frog to a good herp vet. If you don’t have one or know of one the link below might help.
How to find a Reptile Veterinarian