How to find a Reptile Veterinarian

How to find a Reptile Vet:

  • ARAV- The Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians: click HERE.

  • ABVP- The American Board of Veterinary Practitioners: click HERE, and choose the Reptile & Amphibian Category.

  • EBVS- European Board of Veterinary Specialisation: HERE, search for specialization in ‘Herpetological Medicine & Surgery,’ part of the ECZM.

  • ACZM- The American College of Zoological Medicine: HERE is the current diplomate roster. You may be able to find a vet in your area that sees companion animals (as opposed to working for a zoo.)

  • via Melissa Kaplan’s website: HERE. (She discusses ways to find a Herp Vet HERE.)

  • other resources HERE and HERE.

If you have additional resources you know of, please add them below.


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