Possible lip deformity? Is this normal, or should I be worried? Should I go to a herp vet?

Her bottom lip doesn’t align perfectly with her upper lip. She’s A 5 year old Ball Python. Should I be worried?? Should I ask the seller about it?


I would definitely ask the seller immediately and take the snake to a vet. The photos aren’t in focus, but it looks like those might be wounds or burns of some kind. A deformity is possible, it’s hard to tell without an exam. It will be important to have an experienced herp vet document their exam findings, diagnostics, and any treatment. A cat/dog vet isn’t sufficient. I can confirm, I’m a retired dog/cat vet. :wink: Good luck!


If you just received it, I would contact the seller and ask.
If you had it for a while, and never noticed it before, then it could be a wond or just missing scales. Either should heal.
The misaligned, could be from the other issues and got back once it heals.
It never hurts to check with a vet.

Is it effecting eating or does you notice anything else going on or noises?


Hi, I would definitely recommend a vet visit. To me, it looks like it got a wound on its lip and it’s swollen and trying to heal. The vet will probably recommend some antibiotics to help this healing process. As already mentioned, it needs to be a reptile specific vet and the link that was provided is a wonderful resource to help you find one near you.


It’s been eating for us… we’ve never noticed it before. We’ll definitely check with a herp vet.


Looks like I see some swelling in the lower jaw and that inclines me to think you may have some mouth rot going on there.


Is this snake eating live prey?
Also you said it’s been eating, how long have you had it?

Definitely agree with the others. There is some sort of trauma to the area, but from what I don’t know.
The typical answers for something like this are:
Rodent bite
Mouth rot
Burn wound
Enviornmental damage

If this animal is eating live, I would try moving to frozen thaw. Make sure your temps and humidity are correct. If there’s anything sharp or potentially dangerous the snake can rub up against, take it away.
Make sure any major heat sources are away from where the snake can reach.

As others have said, I would consider a vet to make sure this isn’t something secondary to another infection and getting it treated.


My sympathy for the poor little girl! You have gotten some good solid advice. I would most definitely take her to a reptile vet asap, in case she is in pain……

Best of luck for speedy healing! :snake::frog::lizard::blush: