Snake arrived a day late. Cold. Now thrashing

I’ve been keeping arboreal snakes for a few years now with almost 0 issues. I just got in this guy and he seemed ok but cold since he was sitting for half a day. I got him out to acclimate as to not temp shock him. Put him in his new enclosure. And within about 2 hours I started noticing him hanging his head. I thought he was hungry signaling already. Then I noticed him thrashing and now his mouth seems to be stuck open. Same position for hours now. It definitely seems neurological. And I’m not sure about it being ibd when I know he was ok and healthy before ship. Any help??

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Not sure exactly what is wrong, but contacting a reptile vet ASAP is a lot better of a plan then waiting on someone here that may or may not know anything. If this was an imported animal or wild caught, then it is especially recommended that you take them to the vet when first getting them.


I agree that an emergency, immediate visit to a reptile vet is in order. If you don’t already have a reptile vet, this will offer some tips:


I am going to guess that this is an import animal. Did you perform any form of “prophylactic” treatment to the animal?