My snake is drooling

Hey all i just got a ball python and it seems to be drooling. It has drips of water/clear liquid coming out its mouth/nose. Anyone experience this?

Sounds like advanced stages of a RI. You need to take them to a reptile vet ASAP from the sounds of it. Where did you get it from?


A trade on craigslist. He qlso shedding, does that make a difference?

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No, you need to take this baby to a vet as soon as possible. RIs can be fatal if not treated appropriately. They are pains, but need to be treated with antibiotics from a vet. It needs to be a Reptile Vet this is vey important.
Ps. You have a huge issue of fluid is coming out of his mouth.



My best advice for finding a good “Reptile Vet” is to use the advice in this thread created by our very own RFM, @mblaney

It will be a grave mistake not to take this animal to a vet. I will be praying for a quick recovery.


Never do trades or buy on Craigslist unless you are prepared for a possible sick animal. Shedding would not cause anything like this. Sounds like you got scammed.


Pictures of the animal could help. Make sure you are quarantining him away from all of your other animals.

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It stopped so taking a picture might not happen at the moment. Man i hope this isnt the case. Is there any signs I should look for?

You mean other than what sounds like mucus coming from his mouth and nose? Wheezing, loss of appetite, lethargy, opened mouth breathing. Please take him to a vet, else you could regret it. There isn’t anything else that it could be honestly.

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You are right, RIs don’t go away. They kill with time. He has to go to a vet, period.

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Unless the snake had just taken a very large drink it’s likely RI. They don’t exactly ‘swallow’ water like we do so when a dehydrated snake drinks deeply, and you tip it forward, it can run back out their mouth. Retics do it on their own occasionally, they’re such greedy drinkers.

Do you hear any rattling or rasping when it breathes? Is it gasping (repeatedly opening it’s mouth wide like a yawn)?


Lol :rofl: I have heard of this! That probably accounts for why they produce so much “bathroom components” :joy:

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I cant hear it breath and its not repedely yawning.

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They ‘pee’ SO much compared to other species :joy:

If it only happened ONE time, never happens again, you see no gasping, or hear no wheezing-whistling-rasping-crackling, don’t see wet nostrils, or notice moisture on your hand after passing it around their mouth, it might have been that.

Dab your palm around it’s mouth and nose occasionally and if you see any moisture on it, it’s an RI.

Be very vigilant and if you have ANY doubt, head to the vet. Trip to the vet never hurts anyway, and you might be surprised at how inexpensive peace of mind can be. Since you don’t have a baseline for what ‘normal’ should be, you could miss behaviors or symptoms even with our help.


And this is exactly why I love this community. You all are awesome!!! And yes your right peace of mind can be worth more then alot of things. Im going to see if i can take him in tommorow. I will keep you guys updated. Thanks again


This is my handsom boy here. Shortly after this picture was taken ( a few minutes ago) a stream of fluid came out. Some even dangled from his face. After what everyone here has told me and what ive observed im 100% sure he has a RI. Im going to take him in first thing tomorrow morning. I just hope they dont charge me an arm and a leg to fix him right up.


I’ve found most veterinarians to be pretty reasonable for basic stuff like this and most will work with you. The alternative to not working with a customer, is losing them lol.

From the looks of it he has stuck shed, so he wasn’t cared for properly and didn’t have the right humidity from the previous owner. He looks a bit thin as well.

So an RI is something thats not too too bad?

You know I wondered if he was to thin myself because I can feel his spine. But Im not experienced enough to make that call. Though my other bp doesnt feel that way so I definetly thought that. I believe he just started shedding today. Is it normal for skin to fall off as they crawl on you?