Newborn gecko advice

I agree with @erie-herps , we need to know what food you have offered. If this isn’t figured out quickly you should probably go see a reptile vet who can talk you through these basics in person. They have to eat soon or they’re likely to die. The vet can send you home with a food you can mix into a slurry and give via oral syringe until you have resolved the current issue.


Hi I’ve small crickets and small meal worms I also have small black soldier things the one that won’t eat is licking the juices but won’t take the full thing in I’m trying again today I try everyday

Have you tried feeding all 3 of those?


Hi yes I’ve tried all 3 of these if will only lock and not eat

You need to go to a reptile vet or experienced hobbyist in person and have them talk you through this in person as we don’t seem able to resolve this just by trying to get help online, and a baby will die if it doesn’t eat. The veterinarian can examine your baby that won’t eat to see if it has any birth defects that might be inhibiting it’s ability to eat. I have never once had a baby gecko of mine turn down small silkworms, so I think either something is very wrong with the gecko or that we are having a communication issue.

I recently made a post with directions on how to find a reptile veterinarian, I will try and find it & link to it in a moment.


HERE is the post I made with directions to find a reptile vet.


Thankyou, just to update both now eat fine thankgod bit delayed but I’ll keep the link much appreciated for your help thankyou


I’m glad to hear that! :smiley: Hopefully they both continue to eat well. If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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Hi only me again,… sorry… so my female laid 2more eggs on 1st august, 1was a good egg one bad egg,… however egg was fine and moving when I candelled it on Tuesday,… but last night it seems discoloured got few dents and seems like a wet patch on the top I don’t know what this all means can you help,… is baby still ok or has it passed as I used goodie and don’t like answer that cane bk :cry::cry: oh and other 2babys are fine and mother eats now also

Today is day 57 of incubation by the way

Is anyone on here ???

Do you have pictures of them, what temperature are you incubating at?

Incubating at 83 degrees and not at moment as I’m at work

I’m using hatch rite aswell

They should hatch anytime up to a week away. Without pictures it’s hard to tell, it could be water dripping on them, too humid, too dry, etc.

How will I sort this? I will send photo once home

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Hi could you help me sex my 7month geckos please? Are they male or female?

Please only post questions on one thread that is relevant to the original post. (Both are female.)