Newborn gecko advice

hi one of my gecko eggs hatched earlie hours this morning … I’m after advice on what temperature and humidity the hatchling should be kept at please as don’t want to do it all wrong… I’m new to this (new borns ) Any advice will be greatly appreciated

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Cute! Put your little one in at least a 10 gallon tank with reptile carpet or paper towels. Once the other one hatches you can house them together, but keep an eye out for bullying (you may have to separate if they bully each other). There should be a warm and cool side to the tank. The warm side should be about 90F (slight nighttime temperature drop okay). The cool side should be about 70F. You must provide a humid hide on the warm side! I like Zoo Med’s reptishelter with moistened spagnumn moss and I mist the moss daily. I’d recommend providing a non-humid hide on the cool side as well. Offer a water dish at all times and you can mist sparingly as well (some of my leopard geckos prefer to drink droplets off glass and cafe decor).


When would a hatchling become interested in food?

I was just about to ask in regards to feeding… mine is now 4days old today… he’s shed skin and has a green poo at 01.10am 20th aug I tryed feeding crickets and meal worms but hatchling isn’t intrested and thankyou for advice it’s greatly appreciated

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Hatchlings won’t be interested in food until after their first shed, but I’ve noticed some won’t have interest even longer than this. Most of my hatchlings don’t accept food until they are a week old. After their first shed, I make sure I give them the opportunity to eat at least once a day. If they don’t accept food after they are a week old, I try a little hard to encourage them to eat. You can try offering different prey items and/or tong feeding and/or feeding them in a separate container with no distractions or removing all distractions from their tank during feeding. I’ve noticed once they get their first taste for food they don’t have problems eating :slight_smile:

Hi thankyou for reply… he ate yesterday With a bit of patience he was sceptical at first but after a little while he ate which is good as I’ve never had a new hatchling before so I’m pretty new to all this as is the hatchling but he seems to be quiet content and chilled out :blush:


image my other two eggs have hatched and my 1st one is doing great thought I’d update

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this is my 1st one what he’s like today 2weeks 2days old

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