Need help. Baby gecko few weeks old won't open eyes or eat

One of my baby leopard geckos wont open her eyes and appears to be blind. Also doesnt seem to eat when I try and feed her with tongs. It’s been a few weeks and I only got her to eat one, once. I have a moist hide I keep putting her in to try to help and I seen people use eye wash. I just started that on her with a q-tip. She seems to open her eyes after I wipe her eyes a bit but not too long after they stay closed… anyone have a similar experience or any helpful tips on her eyes and getting her to eat. I heard leopard geckos can’t be blind, just eye infections and skin etc?

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DO NOT spray stuff in her eyes! I’ll update with the rest of the reply in a sec

Do not, ever, swipe a q-tip across the eye of a gecko. You will cause corneal ulcerations and there’s very little chance you haven’t already done this with your gecko. If your gecko needs something like that, then a reptile veterinarian can perform it following a thorough exam including ocular health.

Leopard geckos can absolutely be born blind, just like any other animal- wherever you ahve gotten your info from is a very dangerous source and I suggest NEVER consulting that source(s) again. Leopard geckos can live wonderful lives without sight.

Given what you’ve just done to your gecko (literally spray chemicals in its eyes & do the equivalent of run sandpaper over them), you definitely need to take your baby to an experienced reptile vet. Your baby needs fluoroscein staining to check for ulceration. They can also prescribe you ophthalmic antibiotics if needed, which you will not be able to get over the counter.

I suspect your baby was born with deformed eyes (I have seen this before), but now you have potential seriously harmed the baby & it needs to see a vet (immediately).

HERE is how you find a reptile vet. A dog/cat vet does not have the experience necessary to treat your baby. I know that because I am a dog/cat vet.


I looked all over the internet and that’s all the information I seen reading and YouTube… I didnt really find much information. Heres one of the sources that popped up

That source still recommends seeing a specialized herp vet rather than doing it yourself.
I recommend keeping disturbances to a minimum and not trying to treat it yourself. A specialized herp vet is a must. As far as eating I’m not sure what you’re trying except tongs but for my first baby (about a week or two ago) I didn’t even try to feed her until after her first shed. Then I tried giving her food but eventually got the hint that I should just leave food in there overnight and she’d eat it. Don’t leave food, especially mealworms or crickets, in there except in an escape-proof dish, unattended insects can eat through a geckos skin.