HELP! What's my Python's morph?

I just can’t figure it out! I know that he’s for sure coral glow, but his pattern isn’t normal to me. Please, tell me if you know. I’m trying to pick a girlfriend out for him, which is why I need to know, so if you have recommendations for what I should pair him with, that would be great! Thank you ahead of time! :heart:

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Whatever morph he is, he’s a stunner!

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Thanks! That’s so nice of you :blush:

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Is there any way you could get a photo of him stretched out? Dorsal and side markings can help with an ID.

Sure thing! I tried but he kept moving :sweat_smile:

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He looks like a banana/coral glow to me. Don’t see anything special in the pattern myself and he looks like many other banana/coral glows I have seen.

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Alrighty, do they usually have blue eyes like him?
(It doesn’t show well in the pics)

Chances are it is more of a grey than blue. Only BELs have blue eyes and they are easy to see in pics. And yes, they can have lighter eyes. They are highly variable just like normal BPs.
Here is a banana that looks a lot like him from the pictures you have posted.
I can’t tell if he is pastel or anything else though because of the lighting, and banana BPs colors change drastically depending on the type of light.

I think you have a solid banana. Pastel, IMO, actually works to mute the banana color. Here’s what my banana male looks like:


So cute sitting in his bowl… like this mine you can’t have it.

He’s cute! Looks like a normal banana/coral glow to me