Help with a few ID’s please

So Last year I finally got the signs from my 0.1 vanilla bumblebee het clown that she was ready for a man in her life and paired her up with my 1.0 clown pos blade. She unfortunately didn’t prove out from the 7 eggs she laid, but she definitely had some offspring with some cool patterns. Any help with identifying what I’ve got would be appreciated. Each baby had a picture taken in my garage under indoor lighting and a second taken outside in natural lighting. The first 4 are the ones I’m not positive about and the last two I’m pretty confident in labeling as single gene spiders. So I think that:

  1. Pastel Vanilla (pos blade) het clown
  2. Pastel Vanilla (pos blade) het clown
  3. Pastel Vanilla het clown
  4. Pos Blade het clown
  5. Spider het clown
  6. Spider het clown
    Thanks in advance! -Brian

Not sure why it posted them out of order…:thinking: