Help with a morph ID

Hi everyone!

I just got back from Hamburg and picked up this guy while I was there. The seller listed him from a pairing of Sandblast Pewter Pied x Mystic Sandblast Pewter het Pied, so I wanted some opinions on what y’all think he is. My guess right now is mystic cinnamon sandblast het pied. Thanks!


mystic cinnamon het pied looks right. No clue on the sandblast part :grinning:


@osbornereptiles could help with the sandblast part

Seconded! The more I look, the more I think there’s pastel here too, but he’s so much darker than other mystic pewters I can see and I’m not sure if sandblast would do that, or if the fading is the sandblast and there isnt pastel

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