Help with clutch ID please

I’d really appreciate help, I’m still learning how to identify combined morphs. I’ve included a picture of the Mom, Savannah pos het G-stripe and Dad, Black Pastel Gravel. Especially confusing are the 8 Balls being so light, could this be caused by Mojave?

Differentiating 2 as to if they are Cinnamon or Black Pastel and if either has Gravel.

One of the, what I’m assuming is a Savannah, has really prominent striping is this random or could it be caused by inclusion of one of the morphs?

Also is there anyway to tell if the 8 Balls and Savannah’s have Gravel or would they have to be proven?

Thanks in advance :blush:!


Wow some a nice clutch, @lumpy can help or @saleengrinch


8 balls arent as dark as you may expect. Super black pastel is the darkest of the bunch. Eight balls and super cinny tend to be quite a bit lighter! As far as identifying the gravel and mojave gene in these probably will have to be bred out to prove. But admittedly don’t have a lot of experience with super cinny/super black pastel. All of them I’ve hatched were kinked so I have stopped doing these pairings.

Number two I would say is black pastel mojave gravel
Number 3 black pastel gravel
Number 4 cinny mojave
Number 5 cinny

This is fairly common it’s the mojave causing the dorsal most if not all of the black Magic’s I’ve hatched have dorsal striping here is one as an example!


Thank you!!

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the help :). Can I ask what lead you to believe that #2 has Gravel? It’s really helpful to learn what to look for.

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The smearing and floating of the alien heads! And your welcome.


Thank you again!

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