Help with clutch id

Hello looking for 2 clutch pairings

  1. Female possible special male pastel yellowbelly

There were 5 eggs that hatched. I think I see one pastel and maybe 4 normals am I correct?

Clutch 2.

  1. female enchi male vanilla cream yellowbelly poss enchi

5 eggs laid and hatched not sure what I have but was able to separate. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.


Firs clutch, you have four pastel combos and one that looks to be just yellowbelly. With individual pics after 1st shed we could help ID each baby.

Second clutch, all are either fire or vanilla and you’ve got a couple of enchis in there as well. We’d need individual pics after shed to figure out yellowbelly but I’m inclined to say no just based off of this pic.


Thank you I will try to get better individual pics after shed

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Is there a chance that the pastel yellow belly male can be a firefly morph? I honestly do think that male is a pastel yellow belly firefly but from what I studied from the hatchlings from that male and special are mostly pastel specials combos.

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