Help with Dg ID

Im getting this boy as a DG, i have no info beyond that. He was purchased whole sale by my local shop. The head stamp and alien heads are definitely different. As well as train tracks on belly. I am newer to this, but i know we cant tell if he is het pied 100%. Im more curious to what else you guys see. These are the best pics of him i currently have. In the picture of the clutch he is the bottom left one. I believe he has enchi, but he also is a little dirty. Not sure if that could mean he us a lower quality dg or other genes at play. I appreciate any help!

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I would be very hesitant. It’s definitely possible. Desert Ghosts can hatch out bright and fade over time to the colors most people associate with them…and I’m seeing some of the granite like markings on the alien heads, is that what you mean by ‘dirty’?
The downside with wholesalers…If they’re saying ‘Desert’ they may not be talking about Desert Ghost recessive and your store had picked up the Desert Dominant gene. There are fertility issues with female Deserts.
Wholesalers usually won’t disclose what the parents genes were unless maybe you are personal friends with them. In my experience they can also mislabel something as entirely different while packing. For example I would receive albino leopard geckos as normals and vice versa fairly often.

I’m honsestly not as well versed in Desert and Desert Ghost as I’d like, so hopefully someone with a better eye for it comes in to take a look.

If you’re definetly looking for a Desert Ghost there are more than enough breeders to choose from that can give you precise info on the genetics and possible additional genes.


That doesnt look anywhere near bright enough for a DG for me

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I agree, doesnt look like desert ghost. They really stand out in person.

I will say most of these pictures do make it look darker than it is. Unfortunately i was there at night, however the last picture is the best representation of its true colors. I can try and get some natural light pics in a few days.

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I have worked with DG and that looks like it could be a lower expression one. It does not have Enchi in it