Help with eggs

I have a leopard gecko eggs that I can see through the egg and see the gecko in it but do not see movement what should I do


We definitely need more info here.

Photos of the eggs might help.
And we need to know how long they’ve been incubating and what temps. And then what the humidity is can help as well.

Also, by see through… Do you mean the egg is see-through/windowed? Or did the baby pip and make a hole in the egg?


I agree with @armiyana , more info is needed.

In general, you can only candle an egg and clearly see an embryo earlier in the stages of development. After that, the embryo is large enough that light cannot shine through it.

Never cut open leopard gecko eggs like some people do with some snake species. Instead, ‘incubate until there’s no debate,’ i.e., until it molds or shows other obvious signs of having gone bad.


Temp is at 87 humidity is 90 and I mean that it wasn’t see through uncle like 2 days ago now I can see the baby gecko and the his strips through the egg but he is not moving.

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This is the best picture I could take and you clearly can see the grcko

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I would recommend that you put the egg back in the incubator, do NOT handle it again. If the egg is rotated from its original orientation, the fetus can drown. If the egg develops mold, you’ll know it’s gone bad. Otherwise, there is nothing you can do. In the future, I recommend marking the right-side-up of each egg with a tiny bit of sharpie. If the fetus has died, there’s nothing you can do. Do NOT cut the egg open unless you are 100% certain the fetus has died and want to try and figure out why.

Potential issues during incubation include egg rotation/moving, too frequent handling (drying out, contamination, rotation), and not maintaining steady & appropriate temp & humidity in the incubator.


Ok thank you