Help with feeding my other girl

So to start off she is eating, but its a real pain. To start with she only seems to eat her food after she’s struck it at least 3 times. Also she’ll only eat very small adult mice. She is about 9 months old and 256grams. Any tips on how I can get her to eat better. Also tips on switching to frozen/thawed will be much appreciated. Thank you for the help in advance.

Oh also here’s a pic of the little blip.
(She’s a pastave)

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Not a big timer but I have 12 ball python currently. Raised some up from sub 100g grams.

From my experience, eating habits vary as much as the genetics.

I have a girl that has never missed a meal and went from 140g to 1700g in roughly a year.

I have a girl that rarely eats, will eat a frozen thawed rat, then refuse, then eat a live mouse, then refuse.

Check your temps, humidity, try a hide, try feeding smaller meals more frequently, if you’re following a schedule(example: every 7 days), try skipping a week.

From switching from live to frozen, try thawing a mouse and maybe a crawler/pup rat in the same bag. After heating the rat, rub it all over the mouse then try offering.

I’m sure some others will have more knowledge to share! Good luck!



Everything ballpyt said is spot on. There are a lot of older threads on here to read concerning this issue, it would be well worth your time going over them.

Ine other thing would be to try live African soft fur rats. If you are in the states you can search for them using the name above or afr. If in Europe search for multimammate instead. Maybe try live feeding afr live at first, if she seems more interested in them then you can try FT asf.

Good luck

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Asfr I mean.