Help with first clutch

Well I have finally had my first clutch. Everything has went well so far but I was also overly prepared before I started pairing. Pairing was a Banana Enchi x Super Lesser. Now I need help with identification of the hatchlings. The Super Lesser has to be more than a Super Lesser. I have looked at pics till my head hurts. I know this community is very good at helping with this issue. Only other information I have is the original pairing that made the Super Lesser. That was a Super Orange Belly x Pastel Soul Sucker poss Granite. Which cannot make a BEL. So either it was a retained sperm hatchling like the breeder thought or the Super Orange Belly had a BEL gene hidden. I will include a group pic. Then I will put an individual pic and what I think they are above them. Please be kind on my guesses. I am sure I am off.

Soul Sucker??

Pastel Soul Sucker??

Banana Soul Sucker??

Enchi Soul Sucker??


Hi @c_nichols personally I know a user by the name of @saleengrinch and he really likes/knows his soul suckers. I would trust his opinion. I hope that it works out. By the way those are some beautiful babies.


Yes I have read several of his post and have seen several very nice snakes he owns and has produced. Was hoping he would chime in.


I believe that he will later tonight probably.

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You definitely have a plethora of soul sucker there.


Top picture looks like you have two soul suckers and a banana soul sucker and banana soul sucker enchi. Can you tell the bananas by the sex? Doesn’t look like pastel in the equation to me though.

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Thanks for the input. I know you work with Soul Sucker and trust your judgement. Only reason I mentioned pastel in the one hatchling is due to how light it is vs the other. The head stamp is slightly different and the dorsal is outlined different. May just be a super clean soul sucker. I will include a few other pics to better clarify what I was saying above.


@saleengrinch I have yet to sex any hatchlings. I will have to refer to someone else who is slightly more experienced with that. I still do not trust myself to be accurate. Waiting till they all get a few meals in them.

I do and thank you!

I can see why you would think that but I personally say no on pastel.

Nothing wrong with that I don’t sex any of my own snakes lol

Super nice clutch love them!


Thank you!

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