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Hi I’m pretty new here and new to the herp world in general. I recently got western hognose and am loving it. I’ve set up her enclosure. My only problem is the humidity tends to stay 60’s to even 70’s. I’ve tried out a few things to reduce the humidity but to no avail. She is in a 6 qt bin. I’ve drilled many many holes for ventilation. I’m using Aspen bedding. I’ve kept her water dish on the cool side. Her water dish is, what I believe go be, size appropriate for her and don’t really want to go much smaller. Oh also I use a well temperature regulated heat pad as a heat source. And finally, I use a table lamp that is about a foot and half above the enclosure as a source of light. Not necessarily to help with temperature or anything but to mimic day time cycles. I live in Georgia and the ambient humidity in the room is about 60-70+. I have thought getting a dehumidifier for the entire room, but that seems a bit extreme. I noticed two small black dots on her body. Which are easy to see as she is albino. I fear scale rot. Please help. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

I’d like to see the size and number of holes in the tub. You can also make holes in the lid.

It is a 6.2 qt tub. All around the sides I did 1 row of holes. I considered making a second row of holes. It is not a very deep tub so any more than that would be getting down into the substrate. On the lid however I’ve made many rows of holes (over 100 holes). The picture here isn’t the enclosure obviously but the exact tub I’m using. I’ve heard glass enclosurses may be better for lower humidity. Is that true?


You might consider getting a tub that is a smidge bit taller. One it’s more room for more substrate and digging and Two it leaves more room for holes. I’d also suggest getting a bedding that is chips instead of shredded aspen. Find that keeps down on humidity also.

Tanks are better simply because of space and general tallness/openness of it. Getting a slighty taller tub and more holes (yes maybe some in the bedding level) are your best bet.

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Thank you! I’ll be going to Repticon this weekend and will keep an eye out for a better enclosure and bedding for her.

I thought repticon was closed due to the coronavirus? If it isn’t yet it probably will be forced to soon.

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Not in Macon at least. Its going on today and tomorrow.

I’m no expert (new owner) but for my glass tank, a ceramic heat emitter works very well. I live in Florida where room humidity is ~mid 70s and w the heat emitter I’m able to keep it around 43% humidity (it’s been quite cold recently so around 33-36% rn). My only gripe is that it makes the warm/cold side a couple degrees higher than I’d like. 88-92 warm side and 79-80 cold side.

And I just realized I responded a year too late…

Hi I live there too! Yes the average room humidity is mid-high 70%

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