Help with ID morph

Would you call this guy a Dinker?


Well the only way to know if it’s something new is to obviously prove it out so it could either be a dinker or a very pretty normal :grin:

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Agreed! I was looking at his colors more and was thinking hmmmm maybe he is a dinker.

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A “dinker” is anything you choose to dink with. Whether or not it will prove out is another matter. I do not see anything about this animal that would make me think it has some unique morph potential so I, personally, would not dink with it. But if you want to go down that road then you have yourself a dinker


The color is a lot darker then normal and I see some patterns that could possibly prove something out. Also sometimes normals have a lot more green and yellow tint to them. This is more grayish. That’s what I see with this.

Some more photos.

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Normals have a huge range of variation. I have a photo on my computer that I will load up tomorrow that demonstrates this fact perfectly

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Yeah I was looking. Imagine though getting a morph with all patterns with the one that you see on your Normal. That’s the beauty.

Here we go. Both are normals.


The one on the right is what I call more of a Normal. But that’s just my mind and opinion even though they are both normals. Amazing snakes BTW.

Normals I think but I am not a morph expert

But you see… That is my whole point from above. The range of “normal” is so broad that it encompasses both of these animals and they are not even on the far ends of the bell-curve from one another. And on that same curve, your animal would fall pretty squarely between them