Help with id please

Hi guys
I would like as many opinions as possible.
Silver streak or silver streak hypo???


I’d say there is ghi in the mix

What was the pairing??? Thats always helps

Lemonblast Pied x Hypo Black Pewter het Pied

I understand that this pairing would make hets, however i had a few hatkings that were very light.

I have done the same pairing the following season and produced this animanl. This made me continue to question whether the sire is secretly het hypo??


Difficult to tell as there is only the one on MM to go by:

But they both seem identical side by side.

Even down to the pattern. I believe that may be your exact animal.

Edit: after realising your called Ryan and the store that sold that was RyBalls Reptiles I’m pretty certain I’ve just linked you to your own store, if that’s the case ignore my stupidity.


I haven’t done much work with hypos yet but isn’t their shed patternless? If so, wait until it sheds again and take a look. If you can’t see the pattern on the shed skin then it is a hypo…at least I’ve heard that. I’ll find out soon enough as I just picked up my first hypo animal.

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Some pewters will be lighter and it is possible that its het hypo but usually resscives arent missed by too many people when it comes to labeling…its more likley its just a lighter version as pastel does come in a lot of shades…plus the het could play a small factor in the shading…I have hatched a few het hypos that were super light but you won’t really know till it sheds a few times…I wouldnt judge just one shed either cause I have had more than a few completely NON HYPOS have zero pattern marks in there first few sheds