Help with Id

I just got a 3week old Columbian BCI from someone who purchased a gravid female & didnt know it. I got it unseen & was surprised that it looks Anery. Thoughts?


I would say yes to possible anery but normals can actually look very brown and drab in color

Thanks…those were kinda my thoughts. But it is definitely lacking the red thoughout…so I was thinking it could @ leasy be het…but time will tell…lol

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4 of its tail saddles are attached too…definitely a cool look…but not sure if that’s a marker for anything…

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Does the person who bought the gravel female know what she was paired with?

Nope…no clue.

Its was basically A rescue for me…they could not take care of babies & had no idea what to do…

She had 4 viable…the test slugs…I seen one of its siblings in a pic & it definitely looked normal…had a decently red tail as well…

This was basically considered the dud of said litter cause it had no color in its tail…??

These look mixed with Nic locality which is a naturally dark morph. No anery.


Ndeeds…I thought that too…cause it has alittle of an orange tinge to its bottom 3rd belly scales.

I have a CA/ Nic cross with almost solid orange under the last 3rd…but it still doesn’t look like her presay… but with Columbian influences…idk…seen the mom…just a normal…tad dark herself thO…so.

Definitely interesting looking with low color. Here’s one online I found with similar looks Central-American-Boa-1


That one definitely looks more like it than the others I found looking @ pics!

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Growing great…eating great. More confused with what genetically it could be by the day…lol. steady loosing red/ orange…great little pet regardless…

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Definitely just doesn’t look Nic in the face…like you can tell by looking like that…but still…little Colombian face happening …

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