Help with identification

Hey everyone.

So this clutch was a pastel pin butter spider desert ghost To a normal female.

So I don’t see any spider in the babies so I believe I can rule that out.

If you could be so kind to help me identify them.

So there is that pic with 2 pastels? I’m not sure the other is a pastel but it is my first year breeding so still learning here.

Thanks again.


Here is a pic of the dad


Just my guesses:

  1. Butter Pin
  2. Pastel Pin
  3. Pin
  4. Pin
  5. Butter
  6. Pastel
  7. Pastel

I dont see spider in the sire either, @stewart_reptiles what do you think?

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Correct I do not see Spider in the sire either, while Queenspin often have that double dorsal stripping going on unlike Spinners, the sides should be clean with the white you typically see on Spiders, and the head pattern is wrong as well.

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Yeah. I’m not sure.

Then the alleged pastels, but the ones head is a lot more blushed out then the other.

Maybe I need to reach out to the original breeder and see who the parents were