Help With Identifying Morph

Hello. Recently I purchased two snakes from a person getting out of the hobby. This guy is "Majestic, Mystic or something like that. " I am not really familiar with either of these morphs, and would appreciate any help identifying this little fella. Thanks in advance!


Looks like normals to me, im sure more experienced ball python people will jump in👍


It’s not really the best photos and lighting.
The blushing and color towards the body on the last photo looks like they can be low expression mystic. Not really the best example of the morph if it is.

Good on you for taking them in and getting all that stuck shed dealt with though!

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Thank you for noticing about the shed :grinning: This guy is in a better home now for sure. I have experience keeping reptiles, but still pretty new to Ball Pythons.

The other snake may be Yellow Belly but he arrived here with an RI. I have been treating with F10 through a fogger so when that clea rs up I will be able to take some photos of him.

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From these pictures, i would have to say normal. But then again, this guess is from these pictures.


To me it looks more normal than mystic and that’s what I’d be inclined to label it, but it could be a very, very, very low expression


I agree with @chesterhf . Looks more like a normal to me, but could be low expression. Beautiful animal either way!

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