Help with leopard gecko morph identification

Hello! So I’m currently looking to start breeding my leopard geckos and it was recommended to me to get an idea on the possible morphs my geckos are so I can start a family tree. All three of my leopard geckos have unknown backgrounds to me. I’ve been looking at the different morphs and have a bit of an idea, but would like some more experienced input on the matter. Thanks in advance for the help!

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If unknown backgrounds. And you don’t know hets etc. it’s is HIGHLY recommended NOT to breed them. Mixing of some traits causes issues, you can’t mix albinos. It’s not worth the risk.
If you want to breed find Leo’s that are from breeders who know genes, the hets etc, and keep those as pet only. X

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Hello and welcome to the forum! Really appreciate the pictures! Those are some nice looking geckos! :sunglasses:

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It’s been a while since I’ve done ID’s, but these are my thoughts. The first is a bit tricky due to the lighting, but it looks like a normal. The second is either a blizzard or a murphy’s patternless, there’s no way to tell. The third is a normal.
You probably wouldn’t want to breed these guys. Since it’s impossible to know if the second is patternless or blizzard, the babies would be pet only. If you want to breed, I would recommend buying geckos that are more valuable and have morphs that go well together. I recommend looking around on the marketplace for morph combos that you like. I produced some double het albino blizzards, those took months to sell and I ended up selling one for $35 and 2 for $25. After feeding costs, I lost a lot of money on them.
Overall, you have great looking geckos. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Ok thank you for the info! I’m new to this and was unaware of those issues. Do you by any chance have any suggested sources on morph traits, such as books or reputable video channels, so I can learn about this properly? I’ve been going off of info from my local pet shop so far and they didn’t mention any of this.


Thank you! They bring a lot of life and enjoyment to my household so I’m glad to have them!

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Ok thank you! I wasn’t aware of any of that. I’ll do some more research then before I fully jump into actually breeding. Do you have any recommendations on sources for me to learn more on the different traits?

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I haven’t looked over the whole thread, but if you need more input re: morph, here are some guidelines to help with morph IDs. Welcome to the forum!

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The morphpedia is helpful for learning about different morphs.

You can look on the marketplace to see different examples of morphs and morph combos.

These are my recommendations, but there are tons of videos and articles about leopard gecko morphs. But, it can be tricky when multiple sources are saying different things.


Amen @erie-herps Riley! This is why I believe this community/forum is so unique. The breeders and keepers here have so much knowledge/experience and expertise there is no reason to look anywhere else! :pray:

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