Help with lip scabbing?

I was doing my usual “annoying mom” check on my animals to be sure everyone is healthy and looking great! I get anxious about my animals, but I know it does me good as I was able to spot an abscess on another snake at an early stage and get him to the vet.
But my question here is, this is a different snake, and I have found some scabbing it looks like under his chin. I’m not sure what it could be from or what it is? It doesnt look very recent but should I get him to a vet?
I have some neosporin, non painkiller, and was wondering if that would be ok to put on it? Will it cause mouth rot?

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Snakes explore in their enclosures and sometimes improper furniture can cause scrapes like that. I’ve seen it on one of my snakes and when i addressed the issue i noticed that there were some rough edges in his enclosure.

That being said,

keep the snakes environment clean.
Ideal conditions- temperatures and humidity.

Maybe switch the substrate over to paper towels (newspaper will do if there is a shortage of paper
towels learned that from @ashleyraeanne ) making it easier to monitor for any unusual discharge or early signs of infection.

Small scrapes like that can lead to more serious issues if not taken care of.

As far as Topical Ointment goes, I don’t know if neosporin is reptile safe (I’m sure someone can answer that here). But there are Antimicrobial Wound Care Sprays for reptiles to help the healing process. It’s non-toxic and pH balanced, so supposedly it doesn’t sting when you spray your animal. I’ve used it successfully recently for exactly the scenario that it seems like we have in common.

Just google reptile wound care and it pops up.

I would monitor closely. When in doubt, a good Vet visit is the best answer.

Keep us posted please, I’m sure you guys can get him fixed up super fast!


Thank you
Their setups are pretty simple, all my snakes are in a rack system. But I have switched him to paper towel already. It will be difficult getting him to a vet right now as we are on full shut down still and the only vet is a couple hours away, but I will get some reptile wound spray in the meantime. I’ll try to keep this updated on his progress

I wouldn’t worry too much about it that looks like something that’s old and almost completely healed. If you wanted to put some antibiotic ointment on it for peace of mind you could dab some on but doesn’t look fresh or anything to be concerned about to me. Good luck!

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A standard antibiotic ointment will be safe, if it has any painkillers (like neosporin) then it is not safe. However, since the wound is scabbed over, I don’t think antibiotics will be necessary. That and they seem to just be small scratches. I believe it will be best to just keep them clean, and take them to the vet when you can if you are worried about it or it gets worse.

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That looks like it will go away with the next shed. I wouldn’t be too concerned.

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I totally forgot to update
He is a better, it went away after a 2 sheds


Good to hear! It’s surprisingly crazy how well snakes heal, they truly are one of the best survival species and their healing process is amazing.
Nice to see your little dude is all well and healed.

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