Help with loud crickets

So, the background to my crestie’s enclosure isn’t fully secured, so there’s a small gap behind where crickets can go, and they keep going back there away from him and making loud noise, which makes it hard to sleep. Is there any way in the mean time that I can get them out, or should I just wait till I get the new background in a few days and just make sure to secure that one better?


I’d wait, they’ll keep going back and if you go to catch when out they know where to hide. Also if they’re behind be careful as they can and will destroy it :woman_facepalming:t2:


Oh dear, they are destructive!

I agree, you should wait or maybe tong feed your Crestie the insects in the meantime?

I buy locusts partly because they don’t make as much noise :sweat_smile:

Oh I can’t do locust, scare me :joy:

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I would do that, but it’s basically impossible to find feeder locusts in the states☹️


Really? They are common here, but more expensive

I’m scared of crickets lol :cricket:

Yeah, to my knowledge, locust breeders are almost non existent in the U.S… Maybe there are some small breeders, but I personally don’t know any.


I also feed my Cresties dubia roaches

Dubia exposure for a long period of time will cause shellfish allergies. @t_h_wyman can confirm this. I would rather have crickets than not be able to eat shrimps and crab.

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I don’t eat Shell fish and hubby had an allergy to shell fish already so doesn’t bother us lol

We have a colony.
You could always buy them on occasion as they are really good for cresties.

Over time if you have a colony you’ll develop allergies but it will take a while. For feeding them you likely wouldn’t develop allergies unless you let the frass build up and/or sifted through the container.

For getting the crickets out, you could put a carrot in there and see if they go to it (I recommend putting a carrot in anyways so they don’t hurt the gecko) and you might be able to catch them. They are also attracted to water so they might drown in a water dish (be sure to check the dish multiple times a day to make sure the water isn’t fouled).


I agree, just feeding shouldn’t cause issues, but then I don’t eat shell fish so I couldn’t confirm.

I don’t clean them often as I have cleanup crew to clean up after them and I take them out in bulk so only have to get them out every few weeks or so.


Can confirm. It sucks.

Maybe, maybe not.

If you already have allergies, it can happen in less than a year.


Caveats are always important. Thank you @t_h_wyman.


Do seasonal allergies count?


Only allergies from these. For example if I let frass build up in my dubia cups to feed and I sift around a lot my face swells up a little bit. If I had a normal dubia colony that I needed to clean out weekly I would likely gain major allergies quickly. I tried a bioactive colony (which didn’t work) and recently I moved them to a double tub system to sort the frass (so I don’t have to clean it, so far it’s not working).

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They can. Your body already has a “predilection” for responding poorly to “foreign” proteins. As such, it might be more inclined to trigger against another one.

I started my life many many decades ago with seasonal allergies. Over the years I have built up quite the catalogue:

Minor dog (only when scratched)
Tree pollen
Roaches and crustaceans (but I can still eat clams and snails and such)
OTC anti-histamines (except Benadryl)