Help with Morph, Amir Harlequin?

Hi folks! :wave:t3:

I need some help IDing this chap :point_down:t2:

He has baffled me since I got him, I have no known info on his parents.
I’ve asked several breeders most have said they have no idea, I’ve had some non breeders say he’s a normal.

I’ve spent so much time researching and trying to find out what he is or what’s influencing him. I’ve previously pondered about harlequin but was never sure, until the other day someone commented on him saying they think he is a amir line harlequin and another one said he looks like a clown minus the head stamp. :exploding_head:

I’m hoping someone here will be able to give me some help on this cause it’s bugging me like crazy :relaxed::rofl:

Thanks so much folks!


Your pictures didn’t upload, you need to wait untiil they finish uploading before you submit the post


Thank you! :see_no_evil:

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Defo not a clown.
I’d say normal but I’ll tag some people to help other than Hilary who’s already on it :smirk:
@solarserpents @steelserpents @saleengrinch


Yeh I was a little shocked when someone said clown lol

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Definitely not clown. I would air on the side of normal until proven otherwise however. The long dorsal stripe is gorgeous but not necessarily genetic.


He certainly is stunning whether he is ‘normal’ or not.
He’s got a kick ass attitude to go with it too :see_no_evil::rofl:
Looks like test breeding it is for him then, not for a good couple of years though.

He is gorgeous for sure

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After reading/comparing with the description of Harlequin on Morphpedia, I’m also inclined to say normal

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: Hopefully not someone who breeds ball pythons?


I sure believe he did, he sent me a pic of his clown and yes it did have the dorsal but it was fairly clear mine didn’t have any other resemblance…
I’ll post the link to the page the person sent me who said he is a amir line harlequin.

This is what the fella said:

It’s spitting image of the amir line harlequin, the wide stripe on the back is exactly that of harlequin, have a read through this :wink:
Our Breeders - Development of the Wide Stripe Ball Pythons

OMG… ladies and gents I messed up. I’ve been putting clown this whole time… but what I really meant was spotnose :roll_eyes::joy::see_no_evil:
So Spotnose is what the other fella said he could be NOT clown…
It’s almost 4am here so please forgive my mistakes :rofl: I AM THE CLOWN!


Not spotnose either.
And I wouldn’t say harlequin if you look at patterning, flaming and the white.
Our normal we used to have looked like yours :blush:

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Keep in mind ALL snakes vary a lot with colour, pattern etc.

So I think you’ve just got a nice looking normal :grin:

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I would say it looks quite a bit different look at the lack of sonic rings and no smearing on the alien heads on yours.The color is also way different on yours. Yours looks like a nice striped normal. Definitely not clown or spotnose but think that’s been covered. Super neat looking! I’m a fan of striped ball pythons.

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Not a clown here is a picture of my single gene clown for reference.

As you can see, the stripe is the dark pattern, it is not the other way around.

If i had to guess a morph, my only guess besides a striped normal would be Red Stripe. Here is my black pastel red stripe het clown, pos het pied.

The striping looks consistent with yours, but since mine isnt single gene, i cant be sure.

Its not perfect, but thats my input haha


Let’s remember the op is across the pond a lot of these morphs are not readily seen let alone slipping through the cracks.

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I am by no means an expert and have no idea which morphs are where, i was only going by appearance, so my guess definitely should be taken with a grain of salt (or the whole shaker :wink: )

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Thank you @saleengrinch
I’ve always said he’s very Normal looking other than his stripe and his caramel creamy colour, he lacks any pazaz. I Don’t think it’s worth trying to breed him out.
Please understand I was in no way saying this animal was either of the questioned I was simply asking for others opinions.

But thank you all for your input

@verinium thanks for your reply he’s not red stripe. I’m just going to go with a classic/dinker I think.

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