Help with Morph

A friend of mine gave me him as a gift but had no info on him other than his age and gender.

This Is Vegas and I would like some help identifying his Morph. I was thinking he may be some type of giant because he’s quite big but I can’t really tell.

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Your Leopard Gecko is a hypo. You will never know if he is a Giant even if he is at Giant weight, because there is no way to tell if an adult gecko is from the Tremper Giant line, or is just very big.


Yeah I agree with @westridge it seems to be a hypo.


Definitely a hypo, but just as we were discussing in my own post, without genetic history you won’t know if it has any hidden hets. Great gecko either way!


He might have the weight of a giant but that doesn’t make it a giant. I had a leopard gecko that lived 17 years. He weighed 99 grams.
It is a hypo of some type. Without knowing the genetics of parents, we will just be making guesses.


thank you for the responses. this defiantly helps.

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