Help with morphh


Harlequin pin dash with Dal spots.

Side pics help too :grin:


He is really nice! Love the structure on him.
I agree with @ghoulishcresties, though I did learn most of what I know form her so…

Anyway welcome to the community :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yup a harlequin or flame with pin dash, a pic of his laterals would help :blush: I only see one spot which could just be paradox, but possibly dal spots as well.

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Flames only have dorsal markings so not a flame.
But he is a Harley pin dash with Dal spots :grin:


Ive always looked at flames as having little to no lateral markings, but not necessarily none at all, that’s what morphpedia says, most people around me do, and if you look at the tag on MM market/ most have some pattern - but that highlights one of the main problems with the non-standardisation of the morphs, it would be easier if it was just low/high expression harlequin, as opposed to flame/harlequin/extreme, with vague, not fully agreed upon definitions😅

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price range ? :call_me_hand:

appreciate it bro​:call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

No problem. The price range depends on weight and age but realistically I would say it is in the 50-75 dollar range as he isn’t very nice color or pattern wise. I was considering going lower (25-50) but as I mentioned he does have decent structure. If you have lineage then it will probably be more at the 75 dollar range. If he is 45+ grams then you could probably get $100. @ghoulishcresties is in the UK so prices and values are different.

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Uk wise, £50.
Males seem harder to sell atm and if you add spots prices drop again… shame really…

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Males seem very hard to sell :dizzy_face:

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