Help With My Favorite Climbing Carpet Python Girl


I need some help with my carpet python, Marisol’s, cage. I have provided her with two magnetic ledges and some tension bars to climb. She loves to climb and likes to sit and look out the window she is next to in the morning.

When I got her, she was just under 2 pounds and the ledges and tension rods worked perfectly. However, she has now gained a little bit of weight (being just like 2.4 pounds or so) and her ledge/tension bars will not hold her weight. They just slide down when she is on them. Her magnetic ledges just fall off and I don’t want her to get hurt.

I have done quite a bit of googling but other than finding some tension rods that look like bamboo I can’t seem to find any better products.

I am curious what Green Tree Python keepers use since their snakes are almost exclusively arboreal and also if anyone has any products, tips or ideas on how I can fix this problem.

Thank you everyone!

I use rods or sticks with rod holders for clothes from the hardware store, something similar to this


i have a rough green snake, hes tiny, however i have him in a tub and drilled a hole just big enough to put rods through and then secured the outside parts with hot glue. im sure you could do something similar

Thank you everyone! I appreciate the tips. :slight_smile: I’ll take a look and see what I can find.

Depends on the size of the snake, my largest female carpet has a climbing frame made up from pvc tubing and bamboo, my smaller one has a smaller pvc frame, my Carpondro’s have climbing frames made from smaller pvc pipe covered in Camo gun tape (Like a bandage) and my GTP has small branches suspended from bark hoops screwed onto the viv sides.


I’m late, sorry. Do you know anyone who is breeding Carpondros and do you know how much they may roughly run for, $ wise?

Unfortunately we can not give you a recommended breeder (it wouldn’t be fair on other breeders), but we can help you find one.
Here is where your best bet will be…

I know that this post is old but I wanted to let everyone know I found a creative solution - I went to the pet store and purchased a nice wooden bird tree! It fits in her cage and is perfect for climbing, plus it’s removable! I was sure to make sure it is smooth and removed any dangles and things.

She loves it.