Help with possible gender and morph

Hi got this gecko 3 months ago Was wondering if anybody could help with the gender and the morph? Thanks!


Too young for me to sex with 100% certainty, but I think female. Banded Albino- no way to know which of the 3 strains. Please provide clear pics of each eye if you want to know whether an ocular mutation appears to be present.

I’m in a rush so this is a short explanation- there is no way to know morph in leos with certainty without knowing the genetics of the dam and sire. Geckos with uncertain genetics should be treasured as pets and not bred. Lovely baby you have!

edit: sometimes pattern can change with age, so there may be a different description when adult


I saved them from petsmart, no plans on breeding at all just curious. I have a pic of their eye(both same) and when i first got them. Also they weigh 20 grams


Adorable wee baby! I would definitely go with ‘Banded Albino.’ :heart_eyes: