Help with Yellow Belly Identification in this Combo?


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what kind of BP I want to get next, and I think I’ve finally landed on a decision. I’m looking for a female Leopard Yellow Belly something (Pastel or Fire or OD maybe?). For making those gorgeous Leopard Freeway combos! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So. Since making this decision, I’ve been browsing MorphMarket (of course!) to see what’s available, and I have a few favorites. This one I really, really like:

(Using a link since I don’t own the photos)

Isn’t she pretty?! However, I understand YB can be difficult to confidently ID when OD and Fire are in the mix. So I thought it might be a good idea to ask you lovely people your thoughts. If I can’t be reasonably sure this girl has YB, I probably should choose a different snake, as the main thing I’m shooting for right now is Freeway combos.

What are your thoughts? Does she look YB to you? What would you do if you were in a similar situation? I really want to make this choice carefully. We’re just starting out and only have a handful of tubs. Plus this is a lot of money.

She does look fabulous, and she’s advertised to have several morphs that I really like and that look GREAT in Freeway combos. Hmmmm…


I think that she does have YB in her, her busy pattern and the way it’s broken up towards her belly is what mainly makes me believe she does. I’m not sure about the OD but I’m not too familiar with how it reacts with Leopard and YB so she could have it and I’m just not experienced enough to ID it. It also looks like she has Pastel based on her headstamp and color, which shouldn’t be possible based on the pairing info they put in the description. She’s most likely ID’d correctly other than the Pastel, but it wouldn’t hurt to verify the pairing info with the seller just to be sure.


Thanks for your input!! I noticed that Pastel look as well. I’m not super familiar with Fire yet so I thought maybe the Fire was causing that lightness on the head. I’ll definitely verify the parents’ morphs before making a final decision!


From the pictures i couldnt make a definitive guess, however Stan (the breeder) has been doing this a good while and id say his IDs are pretty reliable looking at other ads. But YB is so difficult to guarantee in combos like this… especially where there is also the chance it may or may not be enchi… which he didnt add the tag for… and is a sign he isnt trying to over sell the animal.

Personally id be happy even if that animal didn’t prove to be YB (unless thats in your plans), its damn gorgeous.


It is SUPER gorgeous! But since I’m trying to produce Freeway combos, the YB is fairly important to me.

Thanks so much for your input! That’s a good point about the Enchi. I’ll take that into consideration.

I’m looking at three other very nice potential girls. This is gonna be a hard choice!