HELP - worms on crested gecko eggs


I have found worms on some of my crested gecko eggs in the incubator!!!

I’m freaking out :scream:

Has anyone had this issue before? Are they harmful to the eggs? And can anyone tell me what they are?

My eggs have looked an off colour since start, but don’t look infertile.

They have been incubating for approx 2 months and this is the first I have seen of them.

Not great but here are pics of the eggs and as close as I can of the worms. Do the eggs seem okay?

Any help would be great

I got a closer pic of the worms

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Those look like fruit fly/fungus gnat larvae. If you put springtails in the incubation boxes that should prevent it, but the only way to get rid of them is to wipe the egg down and replace/sterilize the medium in the incubation container. I don’t think they hurt the egg, but it’s possible.


These do look like fungus gnat larva I’ve encountered before in an isopod culture that I let remain too moist for too long, allowing the fungus gnats to establish. I don’t know quite what damage they’re capable of causing to an egg, but to get rid of mine I physically dispatched of any larva and developed gnats once or twice a day for a few days. I also slightly lowered the moisture level and added to the springtail population, and I haven’t encountered any larva since then.


Thanks for your replies I really appreciate it.

I have springtails in the enclosures but not in with the eggs.

They must have been on the eggs when I transferred them :pensive: I wouldn’t of seen them they were so well hidden and small, but one moved and it caught my eye.

I’ve boiled the super hatch stuff (it’s reusable) and changed it over so hopefully the eggs will be okay, they are due to hatch any day now so I just have to wait and hope. I fear it may be too late though.

I can’t lower humidity as it’s required for the eggs but I’m going to remain hopeful.

I’m hoping the off colour is just how the Crestie lays as her other eggs are similar colour. Either that or she’s laying infertile eggs when she shouldn’t be, even though I saw the circle thing


The egg still looks good to me, but it doesn’t look super close to hatching. When mine are about to hatch they look like a balloon that’s about to explode, lol.


Sorry, let me rephrase that. They have been incubating for 2 months and could hatch any day now lol


Are they just white?

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First eggs a funny colour so defo use a light and make sure moving and alive. And check other too.

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They had a black tip toward head. They were so tiny.

Both eggs are hard to see through and were similar colour when I got them out.

I think first egg isn’t doing good but I’m going to continue incubating to be sure

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Not fruit fly larva then.: