Hemp Bedding

Has anyone used hemp bedding for snakes, primarily colubrids? Any opinions? Thanks!

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This is the first I’ve heard about it. I would wait to try it until it’s been tested, I’ll never recommend someone try someone new unless they’re experienced and are prepared for something to go wrong.


I only know of one girl using hemp bedding, shes a keeper from Instagram. she keeps her colubrids on it and from what i know i think she really likes it! of course you can message me privately and i can give you her account if you’d like to ask her yourself! ive had interest in the hemp bedding myself, but i haven’t ever seeked it out.

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It works perfectly fine for snakes. I have used it with rats and snakes with zero problems it just doesn’t hold humity. It controls odor better than anything I’ve ever used.


I used to feed a Uromastyx fresh cannabis fan leaves, he loved them. (To anyone already typing an angry admonition, please save your energy for something important.) Green iguanas also love it.

I can’t imagine it is actually good bedding, though. It will mold easily and not hold moisture like coco husk does. I’d strongly avoid it as bedding, personally.

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Lol I can’t help but picture a high Uromastyx or Iguana…didn’t know cannabis was safe for them to consume…


For most animals it isn’t. It’s hard to tell the line between when it is actually good for them (possibly this) and when people are just trying to make a point and put it into everything (dog and cat treats) even when it puts the animals at risk.


I know…I just never would have imagined something like those lizards munching cannibis leaves like it was lettuce or something. I’m curious if its actaully ok for them now and if so why…


I’ll explain myself in more depth, since there’s clearly a bit of a misunderstanding out there. I appreciate the good humor comments, but I want to clarify for future readers that I’m not some living stereotype of a stoner, and I’m not being careless with the health of any animal under my care.

@erie-herps and @beast-blade-wolf_987 tagging you because you seemed a little concerned :smiley:

I swear I did not just step off the set of Dazed and Confused, there’s science involved.

Not all cannabis contains a significant amount of THC(A). Cannabis plants will either have a THC expression, a CBD expression, or a 50/50 expression. In THC expression plants you’ll get around 25:1 THC to CBD ratio, in CBD expression plants you’ll get 1:25 or so, and the mixed expression is 1:1.

Even if it did; Eating phytocannabinoid acids (THCA and CBDA) does not get you, me, deer, cats, bunnies, nor anyone high. To get high on THC from eating cannabis, whether deer, human or lizard, the plant would have to be (A) in a flowering state, (B) female, (C) decarboxylated. Decarboxylation is a controlled heating process that changes THCA and CBDA to the active forms THC and CBD. Combustion is like instant decarboxylation, essentially. That’s why smoking the stuff will get you high, but eating the raw plant does not. Also, it’s not like I fed them flowers, though iguanas sure will munch on them if they get the chance.

Raw cannabis leaves are more like a leafy green vegetable, nutritionally speaking, than you’d likely expect. Fresh cannabis fan leaves are actually a really good occasional offering for any herbivorous critter, and it is not going to hurt them one darn whit. Seriously, not a problem.

To be clear, I live in Idaho, where the stuff is still pretty well entirely illegal. I live less than an hour from Oregon, though, and I have significant experience working with it over there; Both in the literal field and in the testing laboratory.

Disclaimer, for kicks and indemnity; I’m not a veterinarian, lawyer, pterodactyl or moleman, nor am I responsible for the actions of anyone but myself. And that is iffy, at best.

Using it as bedding? Hard no.


Hey @saleengrinch - Is it like a paper product made from hemp, or how would you describe it?

An unprocessed plant material, however dry, I don’t see working at all. I missed your reply when I made my initial one. Curious as to the nature of this product. I found this stuff, looks like chipped up dry stems, which seems okay, I guess.

[quote=“jeremyjacob, post:10, topic:18949”]
or how would you describe it?
Reminded me of shredded aspen but it was definitely less dusty and better smelling. I liked using it for rats the only downfall for me personally was price. I wouldn’t recommend it as a primary substrate for snakes but it’s definitely good for feeder bedding imo.