Herald snake care information

This is probably a long shot, but I came across a seller with a herald snake (Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia) for sale. I am trying to find more information on care for this species. I asked the seller and they responded with “google care sheets online”… Of the two acceptable ones I found online (which I found even before asking the seller, as I do try to be self sufficient) one seems to be really good and well written, the other so so.

Basically I’ve found:

Gets around 2.5-3.5 feet (females are larger)
They prefer humid habitats
Prefer an amphibian diet
Ideal temperature might be between 84-76 (the better caresheet only mentioned ambient temps)

If anyone has anything to add, I appreciate any additional info! Just try to get multiple sources before considering buying.


Don’t forget that basically all of them are wild caught, so you are looking at vet bills to treat parasites and possible illness. I honestly would not buy from a seller that doesn’t even take the time to explain care (huge red flag that they don’t care about their animals well being and are flipping cheap snakes for profit). If you aren’t experienced with wild caught animals that are fragile I also wouldn’t buy.


Yes I am well aware. I have prior experience with a couple different species of wild caught specimens. Not my first rodeo for sure! I may not be buying from this seller of course, but in case anything else pops up.


Herald snake huh…another species to entice my zoological curiosity. Thanks!!

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I only just came across them and instantly wanted to know more about them! They’re viper lookalike appearance and variety in color is super cool.

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I may add them to my dream colubrid list. You said their taxonomic (scientific) name was Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia right. Viper like in appearance you say…hmm I feel like the genus name Crotaphopeltis is prob a reference to a viper-ish appearance. Do they look like a specific kind of viper in particular?? Just googled pics…kinda interesting look to them…I get faint viper vibes. I wonder if they are rear fang venomous like how FWC and hoggies and such are.


Yes that’s the scientific name I came across. From what I read when threatened they flatten their head and have that arrow shaped head that somewhat resembles some vipers, but I’m not sure if it references a specific viper species. They are rear fanged but their venom does not pose a significant threat to people.

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I figured if stuff like FWCs and hoggies had a mild venom these things would. sigh that means I can’t have them until I can get the bylaw overturned here in Toronto Ontario Canada that forbids all venomous/poisonous regardless of how mild. They are neat though. I may look up info on them and feed my inner zoologist.

So buy 5 so youll have at least one or 2 established by the end of it and 3 dead or near death. That is not a knock on you as a keeper or the species. Its just what needs to be done. Going into this realize these are imported between 20-25$, THOSE ARE REAL PRICE NUMBERS, SO already being a finicky snake they are not handled well by the collectors or importers. On top of that they WILL have parasites no big deal and shouldn’t be a deal breaker. If that was a deal breaker I wouldnt have half the snakes I do. Do you have a rack setup? Make sure you get a few meals in before parasite protocol. It has parasites…its had parasites…if it dies in less than a week or two a rushed panacur/flagyl would not have fixed it a bad snake but meanwhile could injure a salvageable one.