Heres a new one.. T Positive Albino mexican black kingsnake

Got this guy and some het females recently. Cant wait to raise em and breed em. The morph was first hatched 20 years ago… but the breeder who hatched it thought it was ugly compared to the solid black ones so it sat around and was never bred lol.


Whoa… So what we’re looking at is a snake with Tyrosinase, but not Melanin? Is that how that works? I’m a pet-keeper not a breeder but it’s fascinating to see. This one’s got a sort of charcoal look to it that way. Reminds me of my snake when he’s fired down. (Black African House Snake)

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A T+ “albino” does have melanin. The proper term would actually be hypo. @t_h_wyman can explain a bit better.


In colubrids the terms T Positive Albino and Hypo are interchangable, the same term could apply to either morph and snakes dont exactly hatch out with an ID tag attached to them so its up to breeders to name them. These are labeled as T Positive Albinos by the breeder. Someone did try to call them Hypos in an attempt to sell some hets. Not sure how that went. Pretty sure he calls them T Positive Albinos now.
Thanks for looking.

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Its a (normally) black snake that is brown instead, with glowing red eyes.

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