Herping in AU in the winter

Next year I’m planning a trip to Brisbane, and I’m obviously gonna try my hand at some herping, but the trip is gonna be in July so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find any. Anyone who lives in Australia or has been there, are you able to find many herps in Brisbane in the winter?

I was in the Sydney greater region during AU winter and saw nary a herp. But you can pick up some AMAZING Indigenous herp art there! :wink: And I HIGHLY recommend that.

I don’t know if I’m running afoul of MM rules here, but this is a repost from someone who sounds like they know stuff:

Most of brisbane’s reptiles more or less disappear during winter, I’m not saying you can’t find anything during winter, just that it gets a lot less likely. A lot of snakes and most amphibians only come out at night. You would be surprised what you can see at night walking around your local lake in a park in brisbane suburbs. Although the more bush they have the better.

Mt coot-tha and the rest of brisbane forest park are great places to see red bellied blacks (RBB). For taipans you have to go west or north, almost no records of taipans in brisbane.

The other place to see reptiles including eastern brown snakes and RBB’s is Lamington and Springbrook national parks to the south of brisbane. i can also guarantee a Land mullet if it is a sunny day (large black skink similar to blue tongues) at Lamington and Springbrook.

There are freshwater turtles in almost every creek and lake around brisbane, you just need to know where to look, but if you want marine turtles the best place is up near bundaberg at Mon Repos conservation park. New in Brisbane, let's go herping ! | Aussie Pythons & Snakes Forum

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Brisbane is in Queensland, kind of the Florida of Australia. Remember you are below the equator, so north there is south here (in the States). Granted it’s in lower QLD, but it will still be warm.

Troll the obvious spots - rock outcroppings, waterfront, and especially paved roads in the countryside. Herps will seek them out for a quick warm up.

And, catch a footy match while you are there. Brisbane Lions!

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