Herpstat Probe placement guidelines

Setting up my brand new herpstats right now, figured I’d take a look at the Spyder Robotics help page to see their recommendations for full setup and this is what they say to do with the probe. Has anyone done it like this before? I’m worried about damage to the probe if i have to have the wire touching the panel for extended periods of time. Calculating the temp drop from panel to the actual basking area is only going to require i keep the panel hotter.

Has anyone done it like this? Do you think i should be worried about the wire of the probe being directly exposed to the radiant heat panel? I have all ProProducts panels, and they boast not being too hot to touch, which is true enough, so maybe I’m just a worry wort. Thanks for your thoughts in advance!


I have never used OHPs but one would suspect that the manufacturer of the product has designed their product in the way they advise it be used.

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