Herpstat probe

Just got my CSerp rack and Herpstat 2 thermostat last week. Looking to set it all up, pic of the third/ middle shelf and the hole I drilled for the probe. How should I secure this to the heat tape? Parallel to the strips on the tape or across them? On the copper part or the black? Tape it down? Glue? Is directly to the tape ok?

Since it’s not routed out to slip it in underneath the tape nice ,. I might try feeding it on the side slot where the tape goes in? You don’t want the wire in the way or a bulge that the tubs will hit or not fit. You can use the metal duct tape (actually for duct work). But it can heat that faster and give false readings.

Tubs fit over it.

Cool. Yeah I slip mine tight underneath the tape,. I’m sure others will say to tape on top. Tape behind the probe on the wire behind the tape to help secure it.

Across the heat strips or parallel?

Parallel with the copper strips. It just needs to make good contact to the tape. I don’t think it would matter either way though.

No matter what you do, cycle you rack for as long as it takes to get the temps where they need to be. Goodluck

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Yes it does. It also says at least 3 times not to use aluminum tape so I’ll be staying away from that as well.

We’ll see how the tubs are looking in an hour or so and again I’m the morning. In the end I see everyone putting the probe somewhere different on YT so I’m going to try securing it to a black stripe on the heat tape with some electrical tape and see how that goes.

Honestly doesn’t matter how you lay the probe on the heat. What matters is the temp in the tub and set the stat accordingly. I run my racks for 2 full days dialing the temp in before adding any animals.

Working on the readings now.

I wasn’t planning on using the night time feature, do many with the herpstat 2s take advantage of that or no?

Use them during breeding sometimes. Mostly I don’t use the feature.

Have you had the chance to see how well it holds heat? I don’t have a dedicated room I can heat up so I’m not sure if three inches of heat tape would be enough for me

It’s definitely enough. My warm sides are nice and consistent.

Is your room above 75?

Considering I live in Indiana as well, and the temps in my room are like 83-86 during the day with a night drop to no lower than 76, I would imagine the room temps at the moment are nice and warm. Summer in Indy is humid and hot. I say it would probably simulates wet season in Africa pretty well lol.

My apartment is 74-75. A little warmer at the moment because I’m cooking. Lol.

You have central air in your apartment don’t you? I don’t have it in my house so it is easier to keep room temps warmer. This does mean that at night it is hard to sleep though lol. Good for my king snake and rat snake though. I would love to see pics of your rack system once it is set up.

Yes. I mean I have 1bdr it’s not a big place. I would sweat all the time if it was over 75-76 so that can’t happen lol. Hopefully after my next move I’ll have a dedicated snake room and I can crank it up a little more!

My place is around 70 normally so I may go with a rack that was 4in heat tape just to be safe

Hey everyone ate so it’s a great cap to the first week using the new rack. I’ll take it!