Het daddy(daddy gene) question

hi imma new to ball python, i have some questions.
(and sorry for my bad English :cry:)

I knew that Butter/Phantom/Het daddy (daddy gene) are allelic to each other.
but the gene called Ark Angel in worldofballpython says its 3 combos are made of Butter, Phantom and Het daddy.
and also the Het daddy here is not even a co-dominant, but just plain dominant.

wasn’t Het daddy and Daddy gene a same thing?
is it possible to be dominant gene while being allelic to co-dominant one?
or is it just the info about Ark angel was wrong?

I want to know if het daddy and daddy genes are not the same thing,
or Butter/Phantom is not allelic to Het daddy (or Daddy gene).


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Good questions! I hope you get good answers. Where is Ralphy boy when you need him?

I’ve had a hard time with this one to. Looked into it awhile back and eventually gave up on it for a while.

What I do remember is that the original Platinum produced off spring that looked like a lesser version of the dad, so Ralph called them lesser and he theorized that the dad had and extra hidden gene that made the dad more hypo looking than the lesser offspring. The lesser gene is co-dom. The “hidden gene” is ……simple recessive?

Morph Market list Het Daddy as the heterozygous co-dom form of the Daddy.

Morph Market list Platty Daddy as lesser and het daddy, 2 different co-dom’s that do not produce BEL.

According to Ralph, the only way to produce Platties is: “Platties are still only being produced from breeding a Lesser that is sired by Platty Daddy to a normal looking that is sired by Platty Daddy…or Platty Daddy x normal sib or Lesser.”

That sounds recessive to me? Yah, I’m confused. Did the recessive turn out to be hypo?

Here is a link to Ralphs page on Platinum. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated in a while. Maybe it will help you. Good luck.



Thank you for your reply dfc112! :relaxed:

now I learned about Daddy, but still Ark Angel and BEL allelic are mysteries.
Morph Market Morph Calculator says Ark Angel can’t exist,
((Invalid input: Parent can’t have more than 2 genes of any complex ([lesser, phantom, het daddy], 3) )
but it’s strange to see ‘World of Ball Python’ listed.

I hope to know this mysterious morph someday.

While, finally figured it out. Ark Angel listed in the world of Ball Pythons is incorrect. Someone made a mistake.

Butter/Het Daddy/Phantom can’t happen. The reason the Morph Market Genetics calculator gives you those results is because its correct.

The Blue Eyed Leucistic Complex includes: Bamboo, Het Daddy, Lesser/Butter, Mocha, Mojave, Phantom/Mystic, Russo and Special.

These genes all reside in the same loci. You can only have 2 copies of the above listed genes in any combination. Most will provide a Blue Eyed leucistic but when you add Het Daddy or just Daddy (super form) you don’t get a BEL.

I’ve seen other BP’s listed on MM that included genes in the complex but no BEL when the Daddy gene is included, that is what was throwing me for a loop. Daddy is in the BEL complex but doesn’t produce a leucistic.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Hope that helps.

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It was a big help to me. Thanks!
I’ve been thinking about a for a while and it solved it. Have a nice day!