"Het" search partially broken after update [4282, FIXED]

Update: numbered screenshots and re-uploaded them. They were out of order.

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About the bug

Summary of the issue:

When searching for het animals (100% only. 66% and 50% still work fine) MM does not enact the search for 100% het animals unless you specify at least 1 other gene. (Instead of just being able to search ALL animals that are het a specific gene)

Expected results:

For the engine to search and load all resulting animals that are 100% het the desired gene without have to specify anything else.

Actual results:

It loads as if you didn’t specify anything for it to search for. Example: searching “Het Amel” corn snake, will only keep you on the page showing all recent animals, including animals that are not het amel. Searching for a Het Ultramel Ball Python, results in just the most recent list, including animals that tr not at all het ultramel.

Links to pages the bug is affecting:

It might effect all Het genes in all species that have them integrated to the site, but I am only familiar with snakes and did not choose lizard search examples.

When did you first notice it?:

A few minutes ago, about when the update blog got posted I think.

Steps to reproduce the problem?:

In the gene list for a specific species, click the orange het icon with the count for how many animals are listed in that category OR view all listed animals in x species and try to type in any gene/trait they can be het for that’s integrated in the MM gene system.

Is this happening on the website, app or both?:

Seems to only be happening on the website. I’ve tried this on the app and it’s working as expected.

Additional notes:

it will work as expected IF you add another gene to the search. It does not bring up the desired hets if you only change another criteria and do not add another gene to search for.

ANY other criteria entered into the same type of Het search will work. If I search “max traits 2, min 2” it will bring up all 2 gene snakes, but will include all genes, not JUST ones that are het for what I’ve input to search for. If I search for an adult it will bring up all adults, but the listings are all adults of the species on the site, not just ones that are “het ____”

I am entering the het search as “Het ____” I am not using the 100% as we did before the update.

You can see your Het search in the address bar at the top of the browser, even though it’s not searching properly

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Device model:

Galaxy s21

Browser name:

Google Chrome

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Oh geez. I uploaded the screenshots in order but they still show out of order. I can retry the upload or just number them if that helps

(Update: did this)

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Hmmmm :thinking: nice catch!


Great catch. We broke this yesterday when we changed from showing “100% Het” to just “Het”. A fix is going out and should be in place within the hour.