Hey everyone coming from Rattan Oklahoma

Hey Everyone. My name is Alex. My wife and I are passionate reptile owners. I created a seller account but it will be a while until I will be able to post anything for sale due to the fact that I don’t have any female snakes big enough to breed yet. I have a fire female ball python at the moment that it bouncing between low 1400 grams and high 1400 grams that I’m hoping I can at least have her to size soon. If not by the end of this breeding year then early next year. How many of y’all are fond of the fire gene??

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Welcome to the forums Alex! I find the fire gene intriguing. It seems like there is a lot you can do it with it, and possibly things that have yet to be seen. I created a seller account too, and it won’t be active until like 2021/2022 ha-ha. Hopefully your girl gets up to size and then we can see some clutch pictures from you later in the year! :tada:

Love the :fire: Gene! Im planning on working closely with the fire morph in the future. Good luck​:+1:

Welcome! Lots of cool stuff to be done with the fire gene and the black-eyed leucistic complex in general.

What do you intend to breed her with?


Welcome! If she’s at least 2-3 years old and 1400 g. I’d say give her a go! A lot of times once breeding starts females will really kick onto food and put on some extra size.