Hey everyone! :)

Hi I’m Audra :slight_smile: I’m a hobbiest who has been into snakes since 2000 and I’m also a Canadian living in the States :slight_smile: My heart snake is my female Dumerils boa, Delilah who I’ve had for approx 12 years. Currently I own 28 snakes, 12 adults & subs and the rest are babies & juvies.

1.0 Brazilian Rainbow Boa
1.2 Carpet Pythons (Gamma Jag, Jungle x, Albino Darwin)
1.1 Green Tree Pythons (Sorong💕 & Biak)
1.0 Blood Python (T+ Albino)
1.1 Dumeril’s Boas💕
2.3 “Columbian Red Tailed Boas” (2 Albinos, Normal, Aztec, Pink Panther Motley)
1.1 Central American Boas (T+ CA & Hogg)
2.1 Ball Pythons (Super Sulfur, Leopard Pastel, Piebald)
1.0 Woma
0.1 Rosy Boa (Mexican)
1.1 Solomon Island Ground Boas💕
1.0 Hognose
0.1 Milksnake (Albino Tangerine Honduran)
0.1 Ribbon Snake
1.0 Saltwater Marsh Snake

The three marked by :two_hearts:s are species (or species & locality in the case of Sorong GTPs) that I would love to breed one day… They are the three species that I’m most passionate about… And the world would be a better place with more Dums, Sorong GTPs and SIGBs in it, don’t you agree?:grin:


Very cool collection you’ve got there!

Needs more hognose though :wink:

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Thanks, lol :smile: They ARE pretty much hands down the cutest snakes in existence, I’ll give you that!!!

Raisin being a baby sloth:



Wow thats so many snakes! Id love to learn more about the green tree pythons and boas. Id love to own one. Any advice videos or books? I am new to them but i have had turtles and smaller snakes as a kid.